Every Day is a New Day

Passing the struggle. Finding my way. My new way and so many things to observe

Like color, eveningsun, DSC_0047

I gave myself a question what would I like to see…. The small details. The rose by the side of the road a bit hidden.  DSC_0096

The bumblebee, working so hard …


The butterfly with its beauty DSC_0256

The end of the day . This beautiful summers night DSC_0061


January 2018

It all happened so fast

A few days before Christmas I got a call from Hospital

It was like walking in to a Parade of doctores standing there. My fear was more than 100 %. During the autumn I had fallen so many times. What had they found, what was so wrong. One test after the other……

I was in so much pain. I could not tell one pain from the other. No more walking for a long time, just to follow the day. And to tell what had to be done. Guess if that part worked out well. A spinal infection was on the run. One morning the light was a gift from the sun, she showed herself for once.

I took my camera and walked out of the door. And no nothing no focus, no respond from the camera.I sent it to be repaired. A few days after New Year I got it back for few days….Just to send it back with complaints. I got some shots from a beautiful area I have shown it before long time ago and in early spring.

The Black RiverDSC_0038

The waterfallDSC_0048

The reflection in the ice. I was standing there listening to the wild sound from the water and the only one open gate



Ice DSC_0066

Winter I said to myself  DSC_0089

It has to be DSC_0064

Walking back DSC_0085

With the sun in my back DSC_0098

And now I am waiting for my camera ………….

A few days before Christmas

My Escape

Just before the sun goes down. I run out in nature hoping to get some air ….


Just before it is getting too dark ….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Every year I have the very same feeling …… I hope for more snow it helps …. and the grass is so strong OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The light that comes out of this low light is not so bad after all, it is not grey, white and muddy everywhere.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The growing neighbour city. Well the countryside is perfect for me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And there I am looking at the seagrass. Breathing …..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We went for a ride

Sunshine for five minutes and it was time for a ride

It ended with a beautiful forestbird on the road. DSC_0120 - kopia

Next came rain and snow …..

With a few moments of  no rain and snow we stoped to enjoy the moment sunset.  With heavy clouds, reflections in the lake covered with a very thin layer of new ice. I looked over the lake and I said to myself it is stil a bit green over there.DSC_0134 - kopia

The trees are telling a new story.  For so long time, with so many branches, with roots holding on so strong to the ground. Time after time… DSC_0133 - kopia

I got my comfort.


So so far away so so close ….P1020076

This year never turned out to be ……hm…..P1020079

My way became different ……..my walk became short ……P1020080

To turn around hanging there not knowing …..a new knowledge… take it in , leave it … or keep it. Time is running no matter what I do ….

Looking for the light finding it …. makeing me smile ….easy, easy, day by day.


Lines to hold on to … follow and trust …20171120_130418

In the afternoon the shadow play from my window ….. yes this was a beautiful day..20171112_141239